Saturday, January 31, 2009

Good morning! I have been gently reminded, that in my last couple of posts, I have not really given any information on how I am doing with the "cancer walk". Today is a wonderful day!! I am finally over the hump of extreme fatigue. Yesterday, I actually got up, and all by myself, drove my car the 45 mile trip to my mom's. It is so hard for me to accept the whole "not have enough energy to do what I want to do" part of this. I shared with my sisters, and maybe a couple more, about my trip out to take pictures of the snowfall recently. We got about 7 inches of snow, and it transformed my farm into a winter wonderland of beauty. During the winter, farms are a muddy mess most of the time. And, is always amazes me how a fresh blanket of snow, can "cover" all the yuck mud, and make everything so beautiful. Having spent several days in my bedroom, alone, while all my family were outside in the snow, sledding, building snowmen, making snow cream, I got up, got dressed in warm clothing, found my boots and gloves and outside gear, grabbed my camera, and walked out the door. Keith, who was outside, moving snow around with his skid steer, saw me, came over to the door and said, "what's up?" I said, I want some pictures!! He said, give me a few minutes and I will thaw out the suburban, and take you for a ride down the road. So, I came back in, and waited for him to whistle, teehee. When he did, I walked outside, got in the burb, and he locked it in four wheel drive and away we went. First, we went straight up through the field, and I took some pics of my house down in the valley. But the reason I am sharing all this, is because the lack of strength surprised me. Once down on the road, I asked him to stop here, so I can take a picture of the snow covered lane. I stuck one leg out, and was going to use just one leg to lift my body up to stand on the running board. Bad idea. It was like I had no energy and strength at all! I nearly dropped the camera, trying to grab the door, to keep from hitting the ground!! Keith reached for me, screaming, "BABE!!" Between Keith and I, I didn't hit the ground, but it was a scary moment. I collected myself, and turned, and with both legs, stood up. What a difference two legs make!! Anyway, I keep saying, I am learning the rules, when I learn them, I will follow them!! Teehee! Yesterday, i drove up to mom's and spent some time with her. It was a beautiful day, sun was shining, and my friend, Susy Allen came by to bring me a meal for my family. It was closer for her to meet me at mom's so that was the plan. She saw the snow on mom's driveway and sidewalk, and offered to "help me" to do it. She said, don't you do it, just hold the shovel, look like your helping, but I will do it!! So, together, we made mom a path to the mailbox and back! Then we sat in mom's swing, and enjoyed the sunshine. This is my neutropenic time, meaning, no infection fighting white blood cells at all, so I am to stay away from crowds and anyone who has been sick within the last two weeks. Which is hard to do, considering, I don't "feel" sick. But, my mouth, has the little sores that pop up during this time, which is my signal that I am there. I am doing the routine of swishing the salt water several times a day, to manage them. But, other than that, I am walking the walk, with not much trouble. Thank you girls for bringing the meals! Lynn Messer twice now, and Susy Allen. I do appreciate it, and so does my family. I shared the chicken and dumplings with my mom as well as one loaf of the pumpkin bread. They were both nummy!!! Thanks!! It looks like I am going to be making a trip to Memphis next week to take my mom for a visit to a dear friend's house. She is also a hair dresser!! She came to my wedding to do my hair for me. She has been a dear friend for years. And, at this point in my mom's life, is about the only one mom will let give her a perm. So, we combine "fashion and function", and go visit a dear friend, and my mom gets a hair cut and perm!! Pray for us folks!! I am glad to be at the point in my "between treatments" to actually have enough energy to get up and do things.

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Paula said...

I had noticed you had not mentioned the cancer in the last few posts - I was glad that your mind was so busy with other thoughts!

My thought was that the cancer is part of the "path" you are walking - it is not your whole path/life. It is just a part - and it will pass.