Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I am sorry my last post was so incredibly long!!! Keith said he had to hit page down like 12 times!! Teehee. First let me start off with telling you about my morning yesterday. My phone rings, and it is a girl from my church, telling me she wanted to do something for me. Her mom owns a wig shop and she would like to give me a wig! She had already talked to her mom, and has it approved. She said, my mom can come to your house, bring all her stuff, if you would like. I said, that is not necessary, where is her wig shop? She began to tell me where it was in Farmington! I said, "Is it called Incognito?" She said, YOU'VE ALREADY BEEN THERE??!!?? I said, yes, and I already bought a wig from there, but thank you anyway. She said, you can have another one!! Please!! Let me do this for you! So, I said, well, sure! I told your mom I would be back, because I am woman, and I will want a different hairstyle every now and then. So, how wild is that? The place I have already been, felt so comfortable with, finding out she is the mom of a friend of mine from church! When girls get married, change their names, how can you know? Anyway, we are having lunch on Friday, and going to her mom's shop to have another wig day! I can't wait! And the kids say I need to share my "chemo brain" moment. I was fixing myself a baked potato yesterday, and after I got it out of the microwave, I sliced it open, then went to get the butter and sour cream from the fridge. I saw this Ziploc bag with what looked like a stick of butter in it. I got it out, sliced several little thin slices of butter onto my potato, then added a dollop of sour cream, salt and pepper and went and sat down. As I was mashing it all up, I did notice the butter was not melting as quick as I thought it should, but paid no mind. Now keep in mind, that I have had chemo, so my taste buds are screwed up. As I was eating the potato, I also noticed that some of the inner pieces of the potato were a bit spongy, but just wrote it off as the potato wasn't quite done. Anyway, fast forward to this morning. Someone was looking for butter, and I offered them the baggy with the butter I used yesterday. They all just hit the floor laughing, saying mom, that is not butter! Have you used it as butter? Did you put that on your oatmeal? I said, uh, noooooo. I put it on my baked potato yesterday! And since my taste buds are screwed up, I didn't really notice the taste of MOZZARELLA CHEESE on my potato. LOL! But hey, in my defense, we use real stick butter, so it is lighter in color than say that yellow margarine that some mistake for butter. But now it has become the game to tease the mom, the "chemo brain", asking if she wants some mozzarella cheese on her roll, or oatmeal, or baked potato. Oh well, we are having fun with this. On another note, I have talked to mom several times, and she is laughing and is back to normal!!! Monday, she went to her Senior luncheon at FBC-Festus Crystal City!! It was 30 degrees out, and she got out and went somewhere. Which means, she put on make-up, fixed her hair, hopefully, teehee, and went somewhere, at a specific time, and then came home. Not only that, she told me about it. Details, like who she sat with, what they talked about. Yes, she told me again this morning, but hey, she is not crying, she is laughing, she is talking normal stuff. Thank you Jesus!!! I truly think I have bumped the "cancer" out of her mind. I may not be able to keep it bumped, but for now, life is good. And thank you, Karen and Charlie Vaughn, for going by and visiting with my mom, and taking her some circle the word books. I love you guys. This morning when I talked to mom, we got into a discussion about discipline and children, because my kids did something while I was on the phone, and I rattled off the verse. Mom said, is that in the Bible? Where? I said, well, I don't know mom, but I will find it and call you back. It was Proverbs 22:15, and I did call her back. But it was good to be talking to my mom, and her actually be able to follow the conversation, and keep up. Everyday is a different day, but I so appreciate her good days. And arguing with her about translations, uh, I mean, discuss translations with her, well, that's just priceless. Keep on praying, folks, it's a daily walk.

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