Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hi there folks. Keith took me to get my chemo yesterday. After scaring my daughter to death last time, I guess he felt he should make the trip this time. They were extremely backed up, and there was a lot of waiting time in between appointments. I always have to go get blood work done first, that was 9:15. Of course, they didn't call me back until 9:45. I was supposed to see my oncologist next, at 10:00. They didn't call me back until 10:45. He said everything seemed to be right on track, and that he felt the lump was shrinking, and the sore looked like it was healing. Yes, this is day 2 after chemo, and I have to admit it is going a whole lot better than it went last time. Of course, it helps when you know the rules. This time I took an anti-nausea pill before I left the hospital, instead of on the trip home, while lying on the side of the highway! This time, when it hit me, I was already laying in my bed, ready to fall asleep, which I did. My voice is still here, I feel that is an answered prayer. I was able to call mom last nite, as well as this morning. However, this morning, although she sounded good, she did ask me a very strange question. She said, "Are you at the hospital getting treatment today?" I said, no mom, I am at home. It just caught me a little off guard, that's all. I thought I had completely bumped the whole cancer thing out of her mind, but apparently not. But, never the less, she did sound like she was doing ok. She mentioned that she had talked to Paula Koranda this morning, as well as my sister Becky. She told me she had gone to bible study yesterday at FBC Festus, and she had gone to Wal-Mart while she was out to get a few groceries. Then she quickly added, don't ask me what I got, because you know I don't know, but I do remember going, and I know I got some food in the house. We both laughed. She cracks me up how she remembers what she remembers, and knows what she doesn't remember. She told me she had walked over to visit Ada, her neighbor, and she gave her a "to go plate" of whatever they had for dinner. She also told me that Bob and Pat Southard had been by to visit with her. I am feeling extremely blessed at this moment to know that all the people are stepping up their game at this time in my life. Thank you so much. Well, my husband just walked in and he says it is time for him to give me a shot so I guess I had better wrap this up. I will write more later, assuming that I can stay awake long enough to do anything else today. I have several things on my mind, that I would like to share, but they will have to wait.

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Paula said...

Talking with your mom this morning was such a great start to my day - I don't know why it always takes an "event" (how's that for a euphemism!)to get so many of us to pay more attention and make time for the people in our lives.

Glad this time it is going better.