Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hello all! Yes, it did knock me down for a few days, I admit it. One minute I was laughing and talking on the phone, joking about "aren't you gonna get it for me? I have cancer!" Then on the way home, I had to ask Kell to pull the car over so I could lay down on the side of the ditch! I was feeling sick, feeling like I was gonna faint, and the reclining seat didn't go down flat enough. After a few minutes laying on the side of the road, in the cool 35 degree weather, I was good to go! Oh yea, and the compazine helped a little. I was telling Kell, just get the bag of drugs, find something that looks or sounds like Compazine, she was like, this one starts with a P, ends in zine, but not compazine. I said, pull out the paper, read it, read the well known name, she said, YES! Compazine! I said, get me one! Once we got back in the car, and she got me home, I crashed and don't remember a thing until yesterday. Wow! I slept like 3 days of my life away! Today, I have been eating, an egg, toast, pasta something Jen made for lunch, popsicles, and veggie soup for supper, and another popsicle.

Mom is having a hard time with all this, as I knew she would. This would be why I didn't want to tell her!!! But oh well, what's done is done. Everytime I call her, she just cries, and says she can't deal with this soo soon after losing daddy. So, as soon as I can get up and actually move and walk to the car, I am going up there to show her that I am not dead!!! Not even close!! The problem is, it has messed with my voice, and I do sound extremely weak, and yes, I am extremely weak. I just want to lay around all the time. Not really sleeping, just laying around. So, I am finally back on-line, and hopefully will be able to keep all you peoples in the loop. Today was a busy day. My brother-in-law, Randy and his wife Cele came by for awhile. My daughter, Kell, left this morning to head back to Texas. My daughter, Jen, stayed until after she fixed lunch and "sorta" cleaned up the mess, teehee. At least that is what I heard from the informant (Kassy). But I appreciate all the help my kiddos are being. Kelly left the kitchen stocked with "good" food, teehee, non-dairy rice milk, Progresso Vegetable Soups, "Naked" drinks??, who knows. So, far, I have not thrown up at all, so the anti-nausea drugs are working. And my husband who delivered most of my children, gave me my Neulasta shot, the growth factor shot I was to get the day after Chemo. I was really proud of him. He said, "Oh honey, I don't know if I can do this or not." I said, sure you can, just stick it in there, gently, and slowly. He did it just fine. I don't have to go back now until January 21st. But, in the next 21 days, I will go "down" to neutropenia, nadir, then back up again, so no crowds, then I will go back and get some more. Unfortunately, I know the drill. When I was up there getting the chemo, I had to go to the bathroom, so I unplugged the tree, wrapped the cord, walked down the hallway, went, came back, plugged it back in, and sat back down. The nurse walked over, and said, "they told me you were a newbie!" I said, "unfortunately, I am a well trained newbie, my daddy fought cancer for a year, I know the drill." But at least, I am not throwing up in a bucket.....yet??? They are telling me my hair will be "waving" by January 15th. That was kinda hard on Kell. She was a bit weepy, saying, the next time she sees me I will be bald. But, hey, hair will grow back, and this is winter, so it will be easier to hide with hats and stuff. I might even give a wig a try, just for fun!! In the mean time............CALL MY MOM!!!!! GO BY AND TAKE HER TO LUNCH!!! She needs people, contact with the outside world, etc.

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Lois said...

I cannot tell you how very grateful I am that you are 'back online'! Not only for the information but just knowing that you are now able to pick up your head and have cognitive thought! PTL!! I love you! Praying that your strength returns!