Saturday, January 17, 2009

Last nite I drove up to Herky to spend the night at my mom's house! I stopped on the way up the hill and picked up a couple of cheeseburgers and fries and drinks. We sat and watched TV, and ate together! She talked of her friend in Florida, and gave me updates on Mrs. Gwen's life. She then told me of her recent chat with Mrs. Thelma, her friend who recently lost her husband to cancer. Finally, around 9:30 or so, we decided to retire for the evening. This morning, mom got up first, and got in the shower. After breakfast, I offered to "trim" her hair, and roll it on curlers for her. She agreed to that, so I sat her in the chair, put a sheet around her and began to trim her hair. Now folks, I am not a beautician. I knew it was a risk, but decided, I would risk it. I trimmed alot off of it! I then quickly swept up the hair on the floor, discarded it, and began to roll her hair. While I was sweeping up the hair, she kept saying, look at all that dark hair! We had better keep that, in case we need to tape it back on!! She was laughing, of course. I said, mom, it will grow back in no time. The whole time I was trimming, mom was telling me not to cut too much of her perm off, she was not planning on getting another one until spring. For those of you who don't know, the last time she got a perm was in June, 7 months ago. So, seriously, she didn't have any perm left. Her hair was long and straight. Several "well meaning friends" had called me to share that my mom needed a day at the beauty shop, LOL. I had been trying to talk her into it, but all I was getting was how it was winter, and she wasn't going to cut her hair off short in the winter. Long hair keeps you warm in the winter! Nothing I could say was working. I figured I would give it a shot. If I messed it up, then what....we would have to go to the beauty shop to fix it! After it was dry, I took out the curlers and fixed it pretty, and sprayed it. It looked great! She looked in the mirror and said, "it looks so much shorter when it is curled!" I don't know how it is going to look in the morning, once she sleeps on it, but today, it looked great. I guess I'll find out in the morning, when I call her, if she even remembers that I cut it. She probably will be mad at me, if she does remember, and thinks I cut too much off. Oh well, I will try and be patient. Before I left, we went over her bills, wrote out the last ones that were due in January, and put them in the mail box. She's good to go, until February! We ate lunch together, then I loaded my overnight bag in the car, and left to go pick up Kate. She had come up to attend the ski trip with the Festus FBC Youth Group at Hidden Valley Ski Resort. Once I collected her, we headed home, since she had to be at work by 5. It is Saturday night, which means, bath night and laying out Sunday clothes around here. Finding matching shoes, is always best done on Saturday night, without the stress of Sunday morning! Oh yea, I forgot to tell you I wore my wig up to mom's. She said, "I like your hair! It's a new style? And lighter?" I said, yea, they told me it would make me look younger to wear this style. I never told her it was a wig. When she turned out the light to get in bed last nite, I just pulled it off and laid it on the floor by the bed. When she got up in the morning, she went straight to the shower, and I got up, got dressed, and put it back on! She never even noticed. Of course, I still have my hair, so to her, it was just messy bed hair and slightly dark in the room at 7am, the time she got up. Once the lights were on, and I was dressed she didn't say anything about it. Oh well, gotta go. I am planning on going to church in the morning!! I couldn't go last Sunday, because I was neutropenic.

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Paula said...

She told me that about long hair keeping you warmer in winter, and how she didn't want to get a perm anytime soon.

That was when we planned the roadtrip to Memphis - her to see her friend the beautician, me to see my friend Jennifer.

Did I mention we decided you were going to drive us there? Oh good, I knew you'd be excited!

I too have all my clothes and shoes laid out for tomorrow......I even pick out my own!