Thursday, February 5, 2009

“Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands” (Prov.

I have been spending some time lately, pondering what it means to be a "wise woman", and what it means to be a "Godly woman". I also have been spending some time praying, and talking to the Lord. I ran across this on the web page of Nancy Leigh DeMoss. She has a print out entitled "Becoming A Woman of Virtue". These are just a few of the questions we are supposed to ask ourselves. If you want to answer all of them, and test yourself, then I suggest you go to her website, and see how you are doing.

Am I building up my house or tearing it down?
Am I investing in my marriage?
Am I nurturing the heart of my marriage?
Do I frequently express admiration and gratitude to my husband?
Am I reserving the best of my physical and emotional energy for my family?
Am I creating a climate (through words, actions, and attitudes) that makes my husband want
to be at home?
Am I content to be “at home”?
Am I finding my “fulfillment” through reverencing and serving my husband and family?
Would my husband, as well as other men and women who know me, say that I am a woman of moral virtue and purity?
Have I purposed in my heart to be morally pure?
Am I making myself accountable to my husband and to another godly woman for my walk with God and others?

I am just going to share some verses with you. I do realize that interpretation of these scriptures, as well as how we should apply them to our lives, should be left up to the holy spirit. I am not trying to be the holy spirit here, but I am going to try and challenge the women who read this to examine their hearts, examine their actions and examine their Christian witness to others.

“The Lord God said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable
for him’” (Genesis 2:18).

“For man did not come from woman, but woman from man; neither was man created
for woman, but woman for man” (1 Corinthians 11:8–9).

I will finish or follow up on these scriptures and this thought later, since this is a busy day as well. But I do know that I need to write something on here, people have been calling asking if I am sick again, and why am I not writing something, anything, nothing at all!! I have not written on here in almost a week. Let me say, it is not because I have been sick. I have been busy!! Keith took me up to mom's house on Monday morning, and by 9:30am, mom and I were heading south, on our way to Collierville, TN. For those of you who don't know, Collierville is just south of Memphis. That is where a very dear friend of ours lives, and she happens to be a hairdresser. So, you guessed it, mom got a haircut and perm while we were there!! It was a great road trip. We stopped in Portageville on the way down, which is where I graduated high school. We had lunch with a couple of ladies that have been family friends for many many years. During the recent ice storm, Portageville was one of the towns in the boot heel of Missouri that totally lost power. One of the national guard guys said that this was the worst town they had ever seen, there was not one house or business in that town that had power for several days. Of course, when we got there on Monday, McDonalds was one of the two restaurants in town that had electric. So, yea, it was packed. But our friends had gotten there before the lunch rush, and had us a table!! We enjoyed visiting with them for over an hour, then got back on the road. We finally arrived at Janice's house just a little past 3. We sat and visited for a few minutes, and then she took mom into her little shop and began the make over. I sat out there with them for a little bit, then went inside to call my husband, and a friend that lived in Memphis. I talked to my friend, Debi Darnell Martin, for nearly an hour!! We went to high school together. Later that evening, we then went out to enjoy some Memphis style BBQ ribs at a very famous BBQ place. It had pictures all over the walls of all the celebrities that had dined there. We left there, and then Janice gave us a tour of Collierville City Square. Once we arrived back at Janice's house, she served us desert of home made pecan pie!! Thanks, Janice for a wonderful evening! After visiting for a while, mom went up stairs to bed. Janice and I stayed up until nearly midnight talking. The next morning, we had breakfast, and sat around visiting. We then moved to the piano room, where Janice played the piano, while we sang some very old hymns. It was such fun. After lunch, mom and I loaded up and headed north. On the way home, we stopped in Caruthersville, and toured the church where daddy used to pastor many years ago. We also went by the home of a very dear friend, and visited with her for awhile. We then got back into the car, and headed towards home. We didn't stop in Portageville on the way back, mom was ready to be home, so we passed that exit up, and just called Mrs. Thelma and told her we would send her a picture of mom's new perm. We arrived at mom's around 6:30. I fixed supper for us both, and then we both sat in the recliner's, and watched some TV. Before long, we were both dozing off in the chairs. Being the tired people we were, we both agreed that 8:30pm was not too early to go to bed!! So, we turned off the lights and moved to the bed. The next thing I remember, mom was getting dressed. She had already been up, and in the shower, and I never even heard a thing!! Wow, I was one tired puppy. After breakfast, Keith showed up to pick me up, and we both gave mom hugs and kisses, and left. She had Bible Study to go to at 1 down at FBC Festus. Keith and I did some running around in town, then got home that afternoon. I hugged all my kiddos, then settled into routine things of getting supper together, cooked, served, and cleaned up. It was a fun road trip, but I do so enjoy coming back to my home and my family. Mom was the same way. She kept saying, "it was good to visit with all my friends, but it is so good to come home to my home." I know the feeling...

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Anita Koller said...

Well, I'm glad you haven't been sick. I was wondering if things were okay...Saw Katy at Wally World...I almost didn't see her. She's changed so much...Grown up that is.

Talk to you soon, hope I see you at the next HS meeting.