Friday, February 20, 2009

Good morning people! I finally feel as though I have crawled up out of the hole!! It still amazes me each and every time the difference a day makes. Wednesday, I was still feeling very blah. I still got up, did what I needed to do, but just wasn't "feeling it". Thursday, yesterday, was totally different. I knew when I woke up, something was different!! I had some energy! I didn't feel "blah"! Thank you Lord!!

I have been dealing with some family issues this week, so I was talking to the Lord, asking Him to give me some verse of scripture, some chapter, some passage, anything to help me deal with the emotions of all this. I grabbed my study bible, and began to flip through it. I have several books, listen to several radio preacher/teachers, but when I am wanting something fresh, something NOW, I always grab my Bible, and flip and flip and flip, until the Lord talks to me! And once the Lord gave me the verse, of course, it was perfect for the situation, and the peace just flooded my soul. Thank you Lord. The particular study bible I was flipping through was the perfect one I needed at the time. The King James version reads "Him that is weak in the faith receive ye, but not to doubtful disputations." That was not the one I was flipping through when I needed something that applied to this situation. My study bible that I was flipping through read, "Now accept the one who is weak in faith, but not for the purpose of passing judgment on his opinions." Yea, that applies, and yea, that caught my attention. Because that is what we were dealing with this week, "opinions". And, more importantly, "opinions of someone who is weak in faith"! So, the peace came flooding in. I love those God moments in my life. That of course, led me to opportunities to share the verse as well as the God moment with others. This past couple of weeks I have had several opportunities to discuss with other Christian mothers about the "expectations" we have for our children. We make all the sacrifices, our free time, (?), our money, our energy, whatever, making sure our children are involved in this or that activity, because in our mind, it will be good for them. And yet, as they grow up, become young adults, leave our jurisdiction, they are not making good choices, not living Godly lives. As we look at them, and get all analytical, we can see slight hand prints of our teachings, our moldings. But, over all, they are mostly spreading their wings, exercising their new found "freedom to do whatever I want, no rules, no authority!" It is hard for us as parents to watch, but necessary in their growth, as well as their character development. Our own faith is what it is, because of that fiery furnace of life, is it not? I have told my kids time and time again, the difference between wisdom and experience. Most kids want the experience. They want to do it themselves, whatever the consequences. I have also reminded them, the consequences are not their choices. They may get to make the decisions, but the consequences are not their choice. They just are. Which is why it is so important to make good choices. Sometimes the consequences will follow you the rest of your life. That is where the wisdom comes into play. When you watch others, see the bad choices, and see the bad consequences that were the result of the choices, you should pay attention. Usually these consequences now play a big part in their daily lives. If you learn from their mistakes, and it helps you make better choices......that is WISDOM. But most often, young adults don't use wisdom. They use experiences and consequences. That is painful for parents to watch. But with much prayer, and pleading, we are able to turn it all over to God, and let God be God in their lives. We, as parents, cannot be the holy spirit for them. I claim the verse, the promise, train them up in the way they should go, when they are old, they will not depart from it. I tell myself daily, they are not old!! But, what I see alot, is what we do pass on to our children. It seems that we do it without even thinking about it. Whatever is our "passion", our kids seem to pick up on. As I have been listening to my daddy's dvds this week, he called it what it was, our god. Whatever it is that we devote all our our energy, time, talents to. That is what is god in our life. That is what our kids pick up on more than what we are trying to teach. You have all heard the "it's caught more than taught" saying. If we love shopping, our girls grow up love shopping. If we love football, volleyball, etc., our kids grow up loving sports, and watching sports, and playing sports. If we love hunting, our kids grow up loving hunting. Why is that so easy to pass on, yet Godly, christian values, are hard. Teaching them to be honest is hard? Teaching them to manage money wisely is hard? Teaching them to work hard, as unto the Lord is hard. It sure makes you think, don't it? I heard a man say once, that he wanted his son to go to a certain college. Yet he never said so. He just raised his son, took him to all the games that college had. Always watched that college play on tv. Always wore that college logo on all his stuff. When his son got ready to go to college. Guess where his son wanted to go? Yea, that's the point. His dad "shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up." (Deuteronomy 6:7). What are the parents that are producing strong kids, able to live the Christian life, even in this un-godly world doing different from us???? I am thinking, they are showing them their passion is not sports, hunting, shopping, palm trees, the beach, rodeo, volleyball, college, education, money, etc. They are slowly, diligently, living a Christlike life, daily leaning and trusting God to provide their needs, showing contentment in the life God has given them. Living their faith. Not buying into the fear that everyone else out there is sharing. This economy, that bank closing, this company laying off another 5000. Yes, times are tough. But, our faith is not in Wall Street. Our faith is not, ok, should not, be affected by any of that. That is what our kids "catch". What stresses us. What makes us happy. When they told me I had cancer, I knew how my kids would react, or at least how I thought they would. But then, God touched my heart. Your kids will react to this news, based on how you react to this news. And, you know what? My kids have been wonderful. They are so supportive. They are helping. But they are not moping, crying, telling others, "my mom is dying of cancer". One lady from my church told me, "I asked your daughter how you were doing, and she said, she's doing great!! She looks great in her wig! She is just being mom!! You wouldn't even know she has cancer, except for the week or so that she is laying in her room!" It made me smile, it did. Thank you God for allowing me to be "normal" to my kids. That this has not put this whole gloom and doom curtain over my family. We are continuing to walk this path, even though it is hard, it is still the path before us. All of us are walking a path that God has given us. We are all at different places on the path. Every now and then, look around. Smile at the others that are trying just as hard as you, to walk the path God has before them. You don't know what is in their heart. You don't know what they are dealing with. You don't even know how long they have been on the path. Just share the path, and encourage, lift each other up, and lets all show the world, that we as Christians can do this without stressing out daily, having a melt down daily, or believing the media when they try and scare us. Keith says, when I look down the road, and start thinking, "what is it going to be like in March?", I get depressed and scared. But if I stay focused on today, this is the day the Lord has given me, I do better!!! So there you have it folks....wisdom from my husband!! Stay focused!! Keep it focused on the Lord, because He is watching you, even when you don't feel it.

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