Sunday, April 5, 2009

I hope you all are enjoying this Palm Sunday. This is the time of year I get out my Resurrection Tree, and we read daily scriptures that tell the events that happened the week before Resurrection Day. We started this tradition when Nick and Kell were small. We made the tree, and we made the small ornaments that correspond with each days events. It helps re-focus my kids away from the world's attempt to move the focus away from the spiritual meaning. This day is not about chocolate bunny rabbits and candy. It is the season we celebrate what Christ did for us, the price He paid for us. Today, we hung small felt palm leaves on the tree. We read the scriptures that tell the story of Jesus entering the city on a donkey, while the people waved palm fronds, and laid them down for the donkey to walk on. In those days it was a way of honoring a king, and a way of cutting down the dust that was caused by the animals. Because I have but one ornament for most days, it has become the tradition for the youngest to hang the ornament on the tree. I love this time of year. I love the time I get to spend with my kids, teaching them spiritual truths. You only get the chance to teach them for such a very short time, before they are grown and gone, making their own decisions and choices.

I am now in the part of this journey, that I go to St. Louis every Wednesday. It is not a fun walk, but it is doable. I feel the prayers of the people praying for me. Thank you so much. I so appreciate all the help from all my friends. Thank you Paula for taking mom to breakfast. I so enjoyed the worship service this morning. I always enjoy being with my church family at Calvary Temple. They are such wonderful people, so caring, and such a praying people. Thank you for all the cards and letters guys. I love you so much.

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