Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hello folks. This has been a long week for me. I don't know how your week has been, but mine has been incredibly busy. It started out with a crazy Monday! After I made my normal phone call to my mom, to make sure she's doing ok, and didn't need anything, I received a phone call from her friend, Ms. T an hour or so later. She just needed to tell me that she had tried to call mom and got the answering machine, complete with daddy's voice. It never fails to catch people off guard when they call mom and get daddy's voice on the answering machine. She was a little "unsettled" by that, and wanted to know if I knew where mom was. I told her that I had talked to her this morning, and she had not mentioned any plans for the day. Maybe she was just sitting out in the swing and forgot to take the phone out with her. Ms. T said she would just try and call her again later. Well, I tried to call mom about every 20 minutes or so for the rest of the day. Not that I was worried or anything, teehee. But it was my daughter, Kassidy's birthday, so I was baking a cake and doing birthday preparations anyway, so I would just periodically try and call mom. Finally, later that afternoon, I got her on the phone. I said, "Where have you been all day!?" She just laughed and said that someone had called and invited her to join the seniors from FBC-Festus on a trip to Arnold to hear the Lester's sing, and have lunch with them, so she drove her car down to the church parking lot, and got on the bus with them! I said, mom, it wouldn't break you to just call me every now and then. She said, "it's long distance to call you! You need to move closer!" I laughed and said, "or you need to move closer to me! And since neither of us are willing to move, why don't you just spend 10 cents and call me! That seems a whole lot easier than either of us moving!" I try and not worry about my mom, I know God is in control. But, I'm telling you, my life would be a whole lot easier if my mom would dial the phone!! Oh well, just a small bump in this road I am on. One of many. Oh well, I just have to share the good news I got from the doctor this week. The first doctor came in and couldn't feel the lump at all! She went out, and brought in Dr. Ellis, and he said, "hmm, it appears to be gone! I don't feel any lumps at all either!" I said, "well, Praise the Lord!". He went on to say, that it was not uncommon for the chemo to shrink the cancer completely, but that he needed me to know that if that were the case, it does not change the plan of attack. We will still be doing surgery. Because, we cannot be completely sure the cancer is gone until we do surgery. We cannot be completely sure that there is NO lymph node involvement, until we do surgery. So, folks, even though I got a good report, as far as how my cancer is responding to the treatments, it appears we will still continue on. We talked of some other details concerning when the surgery would be, they confirmed that yes, I would be doing radiation as well. And that the reconstruction surgery would not be done until the skin from the surgery and radiation was completely healed. And that would probably not be until the first of 2010. Joy..... But I just wanted to share with you all. Thanks for your prayers. This week, coming up, is shaping up to be another busy week. Monday, I will go up and spend the day with mom. Monday night, will be my monthly Homeschool Support Group meeting. Wednesday, of course, is chemo day. Thursday, Nancy Leigh DeMoss is going to be at a church in St. Louis, and I would dearly love to go hear her speak. I am not sure, at this point if I will be able to work it out, considering how busy the week is already shaping up to be. Friday, Adam Richard turns 17, so birthday plans are in the works. Saturday I have a book club meeting at Paula's house that morning, and that night, a girlfriend has provided me tickets to go and hear Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith!! So, yea, this week is going to be one crazy week. Of course, throw normal life into that mix, and I will be running all week. After all, I do live on a live working farm, complete with animals to care for, and I also am the book-keeper for my husband's concrete flatwork business. And yes, I also am the teacher, principal and superintendent of our school. Add being a mom and grandma, and some days I meet myself coming and going!! But tonight, Saturday night, we are all at home together, doing baths, finding clothes for in the morning, and enjoying the best part of the evening together.

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