Monday, April 28, 2008

"Shoot up here amongst us....."

Relief just doesn't seem to wanna come these days. Keith has worked one full week in the last 6 months. And that money hasn't all come in yet. We did get "some" money in, but when you are as far behind as we are, it is extremely hard to get caught up quickly. I did send out some money to some of the more persistent creditors.

I put momma on a plane to Colorado last week. This week has been tough. I am sooo use to talking to her every day, twice a day. I was weak the second day she was gone, and called her. She sounded very up beat, so I promised her I wouldn't smother her and call every day. I will let her and Beck have this time. But, I truly didn't know I would miss her this much. I took the kiddos to a concert at my church on Thursday night to see Avalon, Michael English, Cadia and the Daniel Doss Band. It was fun, and I thought of calling her to tell her about it.....but didn't. I took the boys up to mow her grass Friday. While there, Jen called and said she had free tickets to see Barry Manilow Friday night, but she had to work. I thought, geez, of all times for mom to be gone. Keith was up north hunting turkey. Kell didn't want to go. If mom was here, her and I could have gone to a concert. I called my friend Susan Vaughn. She talked to her husband, and called me back and said, yes, she could go!! Cool!! It was fun! Once there and seated, we turned around and saw Mike and Janet Weseman sitting 3 rows up behind us!! I didn't get home until 1:30am!! Keith called and woke me up around 7:30 to tell me he got his turkey! No rest for the weary.....

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