Saturday, April 19, 2008


Keith finally worked a full week!!! And, and, and, and, got paid! So, he called me from Festus Friday and said, we are going out to eat tonight to celebrate! I said, what are we celebrating, and he said, everything! We are celebrating the fact we worked the first full week in 6 months. We are celebrating the fact that we finally got some money in. We are celebrating the fact that the IRS agent we have been working with says that things are looking good for the OIC to be accepted this time. We are celebrating the fact that the grass is turning green in our fields. We are celebrating the fact that your momma is going to visit Becky finally!! He was in a very good mood. Today, is Saturday, and I am cleaning up the breakfast mess, and then will pack my bags to go spend the night with momma. Tomorrow is the 50 year celebration at FBC House Springs. They are having a special preacher in, as well as a catered sit down dinner after the services, which you had to RSVP and pay in advance. Momma loves that church, but she will not drive over there by herself. So, occasionally, I go up and take her over there. The people go out of their way to give her the "Queen" treatment. And of course, it is good to see the Maharrey's, and give Mary a hug.

Taking advantage of the good weather, I took the boys up to mom's to mow her grass this week. Bob (her neighbor) has already mowed his at least 3 times!! Oh yea, the insurance guy called and said they are going to put a check in the mail to cover the loss of Jen's knife set and her laptop!! That was also welcome news. Her truck has been broken into twice in the last month! The first time, they got her back pack, with her books and her laptop. They also got her knife set. They broke her back window in the truck to gain entry, with a brick, which they left on the back seat in a pile of glass. We fixed the window, out of our pocket, since the deductible was $500. We haven't replaced all the stuff yet, but that didn't stop them from breaking the glass again to see. Again, leaving the brick on the back seat in a pile of glass. I told her to cut a piece of cardboard box, lined with plastic, and tape it up good. I can't afford to replace a window a month!! She is looking for a new apartment, NOT in the CENTRAL WESTEND!! Inside her backpack, was her jump drive, so there was no "back up" plan for her papers due for finals! She had to start over!! But, she said, she had alot of the info still in her head, so she felt she could do it. She is down to one more week actually at the school location, then she has 10 weeks to do an externship at an approved restaurant. Then, she will be a graduate!!

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