Monday, April 14, 2008

My Kimberly asked Jesus into her heart!!

Hello folks! This past weekend was one of excitement at the Govero homestead. April 13th happens to be my Kassidy's birthday! On the last Sunday of March, Kimberly Ann Govero asked Jesus to come into her heart! So, we have spent this past week cleaning house, and planning the festivities for a Sunday Celebration. Celebrating Kassidy Lynn's birthday, and Kimberly Ann's "re-birth". Of course, no celebration is complete without Grandparents to help share the day with. In the first part of the week, I made the appropriate phone calls to the church to see if we could set up the baptism for the Sunday of April 13th. Once that was approved, I made more phone calls to inform family members that it was a "done deal", so that they could make decisions on whether they could attend or not. Keep in mind, this IS the last week to work on tax returns and get them buttoned up and ready for the IRS. Now, I know that I am tired and over-worked. But, this week was extremely emotional for me. I can't seem to put my finger on when it started. I seem to have an emotional roller coaster going on inside me. Some days I function "normal" and others, well, not so good. Some little "daddy moment" will pop up, that in the past, I would have called my dad to share something, or chat with online. This week, the emotions were flooding, mainly, because I was planning for my daughter to be baptized by someone NOT my dad. The first one of my children to be baptized by someone else. That was huge. On Tuesday morning, I went searching for Kimberly, since she was not joining us at the table for school. I found her in her room, holding one of the heart shaped boxes that valentine candy comes in, that Grandma had given her. She was crying. I asked her why she was crying, and her response made me cry. "Grandma said this was one of the last things that Grandpa gave her." I think she was just processing the whole baptism thing without Grandpa. I had not said anything to anyone out loud about how I was processing it, much less given any thought to her processing it! By the time Saturday afternoon rolled around, my plan was to get all the details lined out at home as far as clothes for everyone to wear to church, how the meal would be started on Sunday morning before leaving for church. Putting together details of important it was to straighten up the house before we leave for church, since we will be returning there after church, complete with Grandparents in tow. To manage to pull all the details off, without me actually being there to check and double check, I don't mind telling you was driving me crazy. I had already called mom that morning, to remind her that I was planning on coming to spend the night with her Saturday night, so that I could bring her to our church to see Kimmy get baptized. I loaded all my bags in the car, then Keith and I decided to run to town to get groceries and a birthday present or two. While in town, his mom called, and offered to pick mom up and bring her with them to our church!! I gladly accepted the offer, told her I would call mom, and let her know. I then called mom, ran that idea by her, and she said, "that would save you a trip! Sure!" I then called Jean back and told her that mom had agreed to that plan! We then finished our shopping trip and headed back home. After unloading the bags from the car, I started the Saturday night routine of baths and picking out outfits, while Jessy was baking the birthday cake. Sunday morning was a crazy as ever, but we got the house straightened up and roast in the oven, and headed out the door for church. The grandparents were already there when we arrived. Kelly, my oldest daughter arrived shortly after us, then my next oldest daughter, Jenna, who is attending college in St. Louis, arrived shortly after her! They both had fellows on their arms, so we had quite a crowd! We enjoyed the service, and headed back home to enjoy the food and fellowship with family. It was a day with priceless memories that I will forever cherish. God is good.

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